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Time to apply for $7,500 in grant funding to develop your online store.

The province of British Columbia (BC) has announced up to 12 million dollars in grant funding to help BC-based businesses develop or enhance their eCommerce platforms i.e. Launch Online. Eligble businesses can apply for up to $7,500 in funding.

CL Web Developers is a Victoria, BC based web services provider and we will be supporting businesses with free consultations, technical requirements, project proposals, and grant applications.

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Eligibility and criteria for grant funding.

According to the Launch Online Program Guide, grant funding is available for at least 1,500 eligble BC-based businesses. The businesses that apply must produce or manufacture goods and products in BC.

Successful grant applicants must use the grant funding to develop or enhance a online shop, and to support their digital customer aquistition activities such as online advertsing.

We have provided a table summarizing a few of the main criterion BC-based businesses must meet in order to be successful applicants of  the Launch Online Grant Program. Please consult the  Program Guide for the offical and detailed list of eligibilty requirements.

BC-Based Business

Small and medium sized businesses that produce or manufacture goods and products in B.C.

Repeatable Products

Business sells repeatable products, or in somes cases individual items that have differences.

Local Service Provider

Businesses must work with a registered BC-based service provider to develop their online store.

Sales Pre-requisite

Business generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year (2019), and is registered with CRA.

eCommerce Platform

All funding must be used to develop or enhance an online store or support ecommerce.

Expense Report

After the project, businesses must submit a summary of their expenses and link to the online store.

Grants are awared in the order receieved, so contact us for support!

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